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Cycling Morocco

A great way to discover Morocco is cycling. On your bike you will be able to discover all the wonders Morocco has to offer, from snow-capped mountains to quaint Berber villages. The Atlas range offers superb cycling routes, where cyclists will be challenged by undulating paths whilst surrounded by a dramatic mountainous setting.

Cycling through Morocco, however, can also be a cultural experience. Many cyclists choose to stop at the cultural hubs of Marrakech, Fez and Chefchaouen. Situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Marrakech is a bustling city, featuring street entertainment, shopping and local living. It is renowned its pink pise palaces and framed by the snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas. It makes for a great stop on the bike, to refresh, recharge and have a little bit of fun. Likewise, the imperial city of Fez which has stood in the North of Morocco for thousands of years is an ideal stop on your cycling tour. Step off the bike and into the historic medina, walking through the high walled streets and watching the locals as they go about their daily processions. For something truly eye-catching head to the blue city of Chefchaouen. Discover why this popular tourist destination was painted blue whilst strolling through its picturesque streets.

Described akin to a multi-tiered cake, Morocco’s beauty is layered. The snow-capped mountains at the top, the Sahara in the middle and the Atlantic cost at the bottom, scattered with a mixture of different cultural influences and natural wonders from canyons to sand dunes to oases.

Common questions about cycling in Morocco:

How long should I go for?

A month is recommended to fully explore the country on a bicycle.

Can I wear shorts?

Many young Moroccan men wear shorts; however, it is a conservative country so probably best to cover you skin, especially if you are female.

Are the roads surfaced?

Yes, and pretty well! In the more remote areas, you will find some potholes, but these can be avoided easily when sticking to the main cities and tourist attractions. Thick wheeled bicycles are recommended.

Are the roads safe?

Although close overtakes are normal, the cars and trucks cannot move very fast as the panniers provide a useful speed buffer.

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