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Why travel with us

For our expert knowledge of the country

Morocco is our country. This means we have a superior knowledge of the country and know its wonders first hand. Our team of certified city guides & mountain guides has been sharing their knowledge of imperial cities, the Atlas and the country for years. For all these reasons and more, we are specialist of Morocco and the most qualified to help you design and carry out the trip of your dreams.

For our staff & top-quality service

Made up locals, our team of professional and certified guides is driven by a passion for travel and a desire to show you our beautiful country in a new light, its culture, its history, its heritage and its people.

English, French, and German speaking guides are at your disposal to meet your every need.

To guarantee reliability and safety, all our vehicles (Toyota Land Cruiser, minibus) are meticulously checked and maintained constantly, and all our drivers are experienced and certified.

We guarantee that you will learn a lot from a truly authentic and enjoyable trip, creating lifelong memories of amazing experiences.

We focus less on transactions and more on building a long-standing relationship. We would love to see you or your family/friends back with us in the future!

For our unbeatable prices

Operating locally makes us notably less expensive than those foreign travel agencies. Our strong relationships with local hoteliers and suppliers guarantee the best prices & quality accommodation.

For our around-the-clock availability

Once you get to Morocco, you can reach us 24/7 at a pre-designated phone number. We are always at your disposal to deal with any problem that might pop up or if you simply need advice or help. You can also share this number with your loved ones back at home so that they can get in touch with you quickly during your travels.

For your easy on-site transfers

You are in Marrakech or Casablanca and you want to go anywhere around Morocco, but you don’t want to rent a car or a taxi. We’ll take you there! We can pre-arrange transfers from city to city, airport to hotel, or across Moroccan, in a saloon car (sedan) or 4WD if necessary. Not only is this more reliable, it is also often less expensive than your last minute solution. Not to mention you can avoid the last-minute struggle.

For your peace of mind

We are an officially recognized travel agency, and we organize our own activities and itineraries, hikes, and excursions, and permanent or temporary camps all in accordance with the industry regulation. We also have civil liabilities insurance policy in place.

To promote sustainable and community tourism

Community tourism is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in your travel experience:

  • We only employ accredited and trained local personnel (guides, cooks, assistants…).
  • We strive to enhance the appreciation of and respect for local traditions and ways of life.
  • We are very serious about protecting nature and respecting all administrative laws.

To promote social responsibility

Meanwhile, we also try to be socially responsible. If possible, we will select best quality accommodation from locally owned hotels and guest houses. Not only will it help develop the local economy, it will also lead to better understanding of our culture through interaction with the local people. A win-win situation.

In Marrakech we strongly encourage you to visit Amal café for a delicious meal. It is run by Amal Center, a Marrakech-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds through hospitality training and job placement to help them gain new skills. With the newly acquired skills, they will have a better chance of securing a job in a restaurant or a hotel and become economically independent.

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